Haley Jane (sexiestdrummer) wrote in agentsands,
Haley Jane

Title: Sands’s List of Things to Do
Category: Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Words: 932
Genre(s): Humor/General
Rating: M
Summary: Sands wakes up in the middle of the night and goes through his immediate list of things to do. Fluffy drabble of slash. El/Sands.
Author’s Notes: I’ve been looking through old fanfics in the OUATIM community for any gems I over looked. I’m just now realizing that Johnny fandoms tend to be filled with a lot of (I hate being insulting but I’ll use the word anyway) trash. Also, that fan fiction(dot)net is apparently a joke among the fanfic community. I wasn’t aware of that… Huh. Kind of makes me rethink using it. It’s convenient though so I’ll stick with it. I was inspired to write this because I wanted to add some not-awful work back into the fandom and I was making graphics for OUATIM. It’s just a little drabble because I just can’t seem to write anything longer for El/Sands.
HERE @ sexiestdrummer 
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