Haley Jane (sexiestdrummer) wrote in agentsands,
Haley Jane

First Impressions

Title: First Impressions
Category: Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Words: 2,542
Genre(s): Friendship/General
Rating: T
Summary: Lorenzo, Fideo, and Sands think back on their first impressions on El Mariachi. One-shot. Implied slash of Sands/El. Based off of the literary style of Flowers on the Grass.
Author’s Notes: I got this idea after reading a book called Flowers on the Grass by Monica Dickens. It’s a bunch of different character’s view points about one main character. The set-up always caught my eye and I loved watching the conflicting facts come together along with the opinion of all these side characters. I just now picked up the book again and began reading it and thought I might experiment with the set-up with fan fiction. My main boy is El Mariachi and Lorenzo, Fideo, and Sands are all recalling him in their eyes.
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